He was born in Worcester, MA and has lived in California since 2001 while living in San Diego since March 2014. His educational and professional background includes 2 master of science degrees as well as experience in energy and sustainability with an emphasis on local government planning and facilitation of green building design.

UC Davis Masters Thesis (MS - Atmospheric Science)
"A Study Comparing the Long-Term Climate near NIGEC Sponsored AmeriFlux Sites to the Recent Period of CO2 Flux Measurements"

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management/UC Santa Barbara - Masters Thesis
"Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Hybrid-Electric Vehicles: An Environmental and Economic Analysis" (Sponsored by HONDA Motor Company)

He feels as though he can clearly see the very positive direction in which the world is headed despite the perceptions that we are fed through mainstream media and he feels that it is important to share his vision and perspective in order to engage and inspire others to both see the positive potentials and to claim their role in this positive transformation of the world.

He assists others in generating freedom and peace from the inside-out through the use of astrological assessments to understand internal unconscious dynamics as well as through the use of modern techniques for creating coherence and resilience within ourselves and in our relationships as we transition from a relationship paradigm of separation consciousness and co-dependence to one of connection consciousness and sovereign union.

Energy Facilitator


HeartMath® Certified Trainer

Certified Access Bars Facilitator


Christopher Taylor assists individuals, partners and teams in becoming more conscious of their unconscious codependent creations, thereby revealing their power to exercise free will in order to create peace and harmony with others without compromising their individual identity.

With over 12 years of experience as a practitioner of the ancient art of astrology, Christopher combines compassionate logic with his inborn intuition to provide clients with a practical understanding of the unconscious creations that have led to their current life experiences.

He believes that with consciousness awareness of ourselves as whole fractals of the universe comes the power to release in the present that which no longer serves us, thereby creating in the present moment that which will serve our soul intentions from now and into the future.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung