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In this case, 5 basic unconscious aspects of the personalities (soul intentions, emotional reactions, communication styles, relational preferences/motivations and action principles) are organized into 4 primary unconscious modes (tangible, emotional, spirited and intellectual). 

This interactive team-building exercise is VERY similar to a group-scale Myers-Briggs analysis. It builds camaraderie by providing a group-level understanding of individual differences to produce higher levels of cooperation and productivity.

5 Unconscious Characters (Planets)
4 Unconscious Modes (Elements)
Emotional Reaction/Comfort - Moon

Tangible - Earth/Physical

Communication/Information Style - Mercury
Emotional - Water/Emotional
Values/Relating Style - Venus
Inspirational - Fire/Spiritual
Action/Energy Level/Motivation Style - Mars
Intellectual - Air/Mental
Core Intentions/Essence - Sun

Freeze Frame Technique (Moon)stopping energy drains and gaining clarity by accessing intuitive intelligence

Coherent Communication Technique (Mercury)
creates more harmonious interactions and fosters mutual respect

Heart Lock-In Technique (Venus)
creates beneficial and sustained changes at a physiological level building new baseline resilience

Quick Coherence Technique (Mars)
Instills a time sensitive regenerative state in which you are more alert, resilient and can respond more effectively

Inner-Ease Technique (Sun)
Instills a regenerative state in which you are more alert, resilient and can respond more effectively

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung



Sustainable communities are popping up all over the world as places where people want to live and work, now and in the future. They are designed to meet the diverse needs of existing and future residents, are sensitive to their environment, and contribute to a high quality of life.

As the governmental structures of the patriarchy start to crumble, the model for collective organization is likely to move toward smaller more manageable communities that are virtually self-sustainable. With modern connectivity technology, a higher potential for cooperation both within communities and between communities is possible.

However, 'people are people' and that means that there will always be disagreements and a necessity to work together despite differences in communication, values, approach and reaction styles.

By combining astrological assessments with modern coherence and resilience techniques, we can foster a clearer understanding of unconscious differences while providing tools for ensuring the intentional creation of peace among the group.