Whether it is between friends, lovers, spouses, siblings, co-workers, enemies or ANY other combination of individuals, it is only through conscious awareness of our differences in terms of values, personal approach, and communication style that we can begin to accept one another in the form of “relationship”.

Astrological compatibility goes far beyond simple comparisons of Sun-signs between two individuals. Assessing the true compatibility between two individuals astrologically involves investigating both the potential for openness and the potential for blockage toward cooperation within each individual.

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

Freeze Frame Technique (Moon)stopping energy drains and gaining clarity by accessing intuitive intelligence

Coherent Communication Technique (Mercury)
creates more harmonious interactions and fosters mutual respect

Heart Lock-In Technique (Venus)
creates beneficial and sustained changes at a physiological level building new baseline resilience

Quick Coherence Technique (Mars)
Instills a time sensitive regenerative state in which you are more alert, resilient and can respond more effectively

Inner-Ease Technique (Sun)
Instills a regenerative state in which you are more alert, resilient and can respond more effectively

Relationship Analysis - Based on the Natal charts of two individuals, We assess the dynamics between them in terms of attraction, projection and opportunities for growth. We also analyze the two in terms of their combined energy using what is known as a Composite chart. This chart looks at the relationship as a 3rd entity; separate from the individuals that form the pair. This chart can be thought of as a ‘user manual’ for the relationship and offers insight into the unique dynamics that exist within the pairing. This can be a very powerful tool for growth and healing. Applications for these methods include the following:

Partnering (Spouses/Lovers)
Cooperation (Co-workers/Teams)
Parenting (Parent-child)
Employer Guidance (Employee assessment)
Cohabitation (Siblings/roomates)
Separation (Spouses/Friends)
Community Organization (Policy/Tasks)

Group Dynamics Analysis- Based on the Natal charts of the individual family members, business employees and/or community members, We assist the group in understanding the unique collective dynamics that exist between them. When the participants know each other well, this is very entertaining as well as quite illuminating. This allows the participants to take ownership and responsibility for their unconscious roles and projections toward each other in a light-hearted manner.

This interactive TEAM-BUILDING exercise is VERY similar to a group-scale Myers-Briggs analysis. In this case, 5 basic unconscious aspects of the personalities (soul intentions, emotional reactions, communication styles, relational preferences and action principles) are organized into 4 primary unconscious modes (tangible, emotional, spirited and intellectual). This provides the participants with a clearer understanding of their unconscious differences relative to these unconscious aspects of their personalities which promotes compassionate cooperation and healing within the group. 

5 Unconscious Characters (Planets)
4 Unconscious Modes (Elements)
Emotional Reaction/Comfort  - Moon
Tangible - Earth/Physical
Communication/Information Style - Mercury
Emotional - Water/Emotional
Values/Relating Style - Venus
Inspirational - Fire/Spiritual
Action/Energy Level/Motivation Style- Mars
Intellectual - Air/Mental
Core Intentions/Essence - Sun