Freedom is our birthright. With this freedom, we have the power to choose peace in any situation. Our ability to cooperate with others and to bring peace into situations starts with being accountable for our own mental and emotional well-being!

When we know and accept our own internal disagreements, we can experience the healing that arises out of allowing the freedom of disagreement to exist without compromising peace.


Power of the Sovereign Spirit: Reclaiming Our Sovereignty - Neil Kramer
"Within this paradigm, to recognize oneself as a sovereign being is to acknowledge one’s own total spiritual autonomy and unconditional entitlement to self‐determination. It is a primary avowal of oneself as a free and natural human being — not a serf, a subject, a corporate entity, or even a citizen. No persons or man‐made laws have any jurisdiction whatsoever over a sovereign being." more


The world is shifting from a state of "separation consciousness" into a state of "connection consciousness" which is resulting in a transformation of the relationship paradigm from one based on co-dependence, secrecy and image projection to one based on sovereign union, transparency and authentic expression.

As this occurs in conjunction with the expansion and improvement of modern connectivity technology, the necessity to connect with each other superficially is diminishing. By approaching life as though we are already connected rather than as though we are separate and attempting to connect, we are more able to recognize our own sovereign wholeness and our freedom to choose peace and harmony between ourselves and other sovereign beings.

When we live as though we are connected to source and respect others as they are as well, we are liberated from the dependency on an outside source to provide us with a sense of connection. Peace and harmony are not conditions that can be legislated into place by a state, thereby granting us freedom. Instead, when we recognize our sovereign connection to all that is, it is from this state of liberty that we can then choose peace and harmony within our whole selves which serves as a foundation and as a vibrational example for peace and harmony within those with whom we come into contact and in and around our environment.


"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

With consciousness awareness of ourselves as whole sovereign fractals of the universe comes the power to release in the present that which no longer serves us, thereby creating in the present moment that which will serve our soul intentions from now and into the future.

Operating under this new relationship paradigm will result in major transformations in the structures of every system in our society. This includes but is not limited to the following systems:

Power distribution
Global commerce

Power hierarchies are crumbling because they are not aligned with natural truth. A shift is occurring from hierarchical structures to more 'equal' representations of power due to the burgeoning conscious awareness of sovereign wholeness and our inherent freedom to choose peace  in any situation. As this occurs within individuals, it ripples outward to the consciousness of organizations from partnerships, to teams to whole communities whereby communities begin to reflect sovereign wholeness in the form of self-sustaining communities.

The transition from the older heirarchical system which has been based on separation consciousness and co-dependence to more equal systems based on connection consciousness and sovereign union will require guidance and assistance to uncover unconscious disagreements as well as the employment of peace creation techniques that engender harmonious interactions despite individual disagreements. It is my mission to ensure that individuals recognize their sovereign wholeness and to assist them in creating harmonious conditions both within themselves and within their partnerships, businesses and communities.