"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung

Astrology is a useful tool for helping us access our unconscious habits and tendencies and for providing us with the opportunity to live according to our own free will. And as a compliment to this tool, Access Bars offers a simple way to RELEASE these unconscious tendencies discovered through an Astrology consultation and to gain a more CONSCIOUS approach to living according to free will in our lives!

By simply activating just over a dozen or so specific points on the head using some light non-evasive finger positions and reciting some specific expansive questions to the universe, we have the POWER to evoke true CHANGE in our own lives from a CONSCIOUS and empowered space!

Astrology Forecast/Outlook - Based upon an individual’s Natal Chart Analysis, several astrological techniques are used to assess recent, current and near-future opportunities for growth with regards to reclaiming the original intentions set out for this life. This is not a set of ‘predictions’, but rather it is an analysis of the client’s current trajectory which includes advice on how to use the potential energies of both the present moment and the near-future to consciously shift the trajectory toward a desired pathway. Think of it as having a ‘trajectory analyst’ and yourself as the one with the free will to create their own trajectory. This outlook links time periods from the past to time periods up to 12 months into the future relative to the time of the consultation.   

Annual Birthday Outlook - This forecast is a fantastic birthday gift for someone who has already received a Natal Chart Analysis! This is essentially a Forecast/Outlook that also includes information from the Solar Return chart which is an annual chart based on the solar cycle that reveals growth opportunities and challenges for the upcoming birthday year. 


Natal Chart Astrology Analysis - This is a thorough and comprehensive overview of an individual’s core intentions, life challenges/growth and unique talents based on their birth time and location. This is often referred to as the ‘birth chart’ and is the foundation upon which ALL other charts for an individual are assessed. It covers everything from unconscious personal preferences/habits to past life karma with the intention of uncovering unconscious motivations and imparting wisdom to regain a personal sense of empowerment over life choices from a place of free will.

This initial consultation assists the client in perceiving their life from a higher awareness of soul-level intentions and imparts them with a firmer grasp of the unconscious motivations that block attainment of these intentions. Learning how to gain awareness and control over our unconscious responses to life can be a very powerful experience and can assist us toward aligning with your highest truths!